How to be successful in a remote role: Mastering the virtual world

September 29, 2015

A remote role: These words often elicit mixed feelings in employees and especially in young high-potential managers. On the one hand, people like the possibility of taking on a global role without having to move and they appreciate the work-life balance benefits of working more often from home. On the other hand, there are challenges […]

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The challenge with video conference

November 8, 2013

What this funny 30 second ad by FedEx that explores the virtual interaction by a boss and his team members. But how do we best manage a virtual team? What are the strategies that go beyond command & control. I have written about it here and you can find some book recommendations here. What are […]

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6 ideas to make “work from home” work

August 21, 2013
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Have you ever worked from home? If you are like the typical corporate employee then chances are high that you have heard some comments from your colleagues such as, “Have fun during your day off!” Or that comment from your manager: “Ah, tomorrow you “work” from home.” Some people still have an idea that work […]

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