Your leadership approach: where does it come from?

September 19, 2016

Think about the way you conduct a meeting, talk to an employee, delegate an important task: This is your leadership approach, but where does it come from? Why do you do the things you do? Let’s examine: I argue your leadership approach is mainly fueled by five drivers: 1.   First boss(es): The way s/he approached work and leadership; […]

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How to coach yourself

September 2, 2016

Many leaders look for ways to improve themselves: To solve a difficult challenge, to discuss next steps in their career, to become a better people manager. External coaching is of course an option and can have great results. Additionally, one can complement external coaching with self-coaching. Here are three strategies for self-coaching I use for […]

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Always make your bed

March 8, 2016

This is a great reminder by an admiral on a very simple but powerful self-leadership technique: Making your bed. On top of an early accomplishment he highlights another benefit: “And if by chance you had a miserable day, you will come home to a bed that is made. That you made.” 🙂 Click here to […]

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